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November 8, 2010

Thank you (Beginner)

That image is from One Piece.

Mr.2 Bon-Clay says 「ありがとう!!!」 (Arigato!!!)

First of all, 「.......」 (kagi-kakko) is equal to the English quotation "........".
We use them words or sentences that people actually say.
We do not use them in a word that does not actual meaning what you are saying English.

ありがとう means thank you.

We use it a lot when you appreciated somebodies actions.

ありがとう is used only casual situation.

We use ありがとうございます(arigato gozaimasu) or どうもありがとう (domo arigato)
to strangers, elderly, or senior people. A more polite form.

When you say どうもありがとうございます(domo arigato gozaimasu) sounds much more polite.

If you want to say even politer, まことにありがとうございます(Makotoni arigato gozaimasu) would be great, but very serious sounding. We use it only for business. royal family, high class, never for friends and family.


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