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October 26, 2010

May (Can) I do...? Form (Intermediate)

This scene from One Piece is a very popular example of Brook's greeting when he meets cute girls.

Brook: パンツ見(み)せて貰(もら)ってもよろしいですか?
May I see your panties?

Nami: 見(み)せるかっ!!!
I won't show it to you!!! (Really strong and rude way to refuse.)

Is the sound of Nami kicking Brook's head.

パンツ under pants, women panties
見(み)る  to see, to look, to check
見せる to show
貰(もら)う to have, to receive
よろしいですか  May I do...?  Do you mind if I do...?
いいですか  Can I do...?


Today's grammar check point is ........(.して)もよろしいですか forms. *してis transformation of する
This form is pretty polite to ask somebody that a questioner get permission to do something.

But, in this case, Brook asks Nami パンツを見せて貰う (to show her panties).
If Nami says yes this means that Nami would lift up her skirt to show Brook, not Brook lifting Nami's skirt to look himself.
This is because 貰う indicates the other is person is going to do.

If you want to ask to see panties by checking with your action (ie. lifting the skirt), you can say...
This sounds more direct, and if the answer is yes, you will flip the skirt, and see the panties instead of she shows her panties.

When you say いいですか instead of よろしいですか, it sounds less polite, but still good way to ask.

Change よろしいですかorいいですか form to get permission from somebody.
Right answers will be on next week!

Example 教室(きょうしつ)で たばこを 吸(す)う。(I)smoke inside a classroom. 

Answer1.教室でたばこを吸ってもいいですか。Can I smoke inside a classroom?
Answer2.教室でたばこを吸ってもよろしいですか。May I smoke inside a classroom?

2 仕事中(しごとちゅう)に (さけ)を (の)む。(I) drink sake(alcohol) while working.

3 公園(こうえん)で 友達(ともだち)と (あそ)ぶ。(I) play with (my) friends at the park.

4 図書館(としょかん)で 友達(ともだち)と (はな)す。(I) talk to (my) friends at the library.

4 会社(かいしゃ)に 遅刻(ちこく)する。 (I) am late for work.

5 日曜日(にちようび)に (おそ)く (お)きる。(I) wake up late on Sunday morning.

6 試験(しけん)(とき) (となり)(ひと)の (こた)えを (る)。(I) look at the next person's answer during an exam.

7 ここで サッカーを する。(I) play soccer here.

8 プールで たばこを 吸(す)う。 (I) smoke in the swimming pool.

9 病気(びょうき)(とき) 学校(がっこう)を (やす)む。(I) am absent from school when (I) am sick.

10 図書館(としょかん)で (ほん)を 8冊(はっさつ) (か)りる。(I) borrow eight books from the library.

The answers are here.

These question are from website below of this post.

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